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Happy Hearts Pet Shelter!


Happy Hearts is devoted to saving abandoned puppies and kittens and placing them into loving homes. 

Happy tails, Happy families.

Happy Hearts Pet Shelter is located at 2500 W. Morton St in Denison, TX. Our facility houses about 10 puppies and 10-15 kittens at a time. This small number makes for a less chaotic atmosphere and reduces stress on both the animals and visitors. This, in turn, allows for better interaction between animals and their prospective adoptive parents, as well as an opportunity for staff and volunteers to get to know the animals' individual personalities.

Adopt the PURRfect Pet Today!

Client Reviews & Testimonials

We value our clients’ experience at Happy Hearts Pet Shelter. Here’s what some people are saying about us.

I haven't ever gone here for any medical needs yet, but I have adopted 2 different cats from here. The last one was Pawly and he's 7 now. Love of my life. And once when my dog got out they were part of the help I received finding her. Definitely consider checking out their pets for adoption!

Courtney M.

Great pets. Amazing staff. I adopted my kitten there and he is so sweet.

Yurei C.

I had come here due to finding a lost dog. The staff here really helped out. Within 20 minutes we found the owner and was able to get the dog back home. Definitely a very friendly place.

Carolyn A.